Hardware and Home Networking

November 10, 2016

  • J Sawyer

Just in time to help you build you list for Santa, J Sawyer will talk to you about hardware as well as optimizing - or even building out - your home network. We'll start with a whirlwind review of the latest hardware upgrades and options - whether you're for a new PC or laptop or just breathing new life into an older machine. From there, we'll get into the basics of optimizing your home WLAN and then talk about how to build out a full network for your digital lifestyle with shared storage, streaming media, and even automated backups and remote access. Examples will come from J's own home network that supports a variety of devices.

About J Sawyer

J is Senior Architect for Hitachi Consulting that absolutely loves to write code and build cool, innovative solutions to hard problems. Unknown to many, he also has been building his own PCs since 1994 and home networks since 1999. He's been involved with the Houston .NET User's Group (HDNUG) since its inception in 2001 and currently serves as the President.