Houston .NET Users Group

To explore, examine, develop and advance applications and services built with the .Net Development platform. Effectively aiding the widespread learning and sharing of the .Net Development Platform in the Houston Technology Marketplace with our members, who are both individuals and corporations.

Presented by: Ahmed Hammad

Thu, Aug 13 18:30

I will introduce End to End Testing, why you'd want to use it and some pros and cons. For those unfamiliar or uncomfortable with automated testing, I may pause to cover the basics, as we'll build on that in the talk. I'll then go over Cypress.IO, covering installation and use. I'll then walk through Cypress.IO's examples and focus on the more illustrative ones, taking time to mention some best practices and gotchas.

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Presented by: Murali Venugopalan Mukesh Dhannawat

Thu, Jul 16 18:30

Microservices are the future of modern application development, but nearly all of the successful software originate from the classic monolith. The ones who embark on this journey to break a monolith have aspirations such as decoupled deploys, scalability, resilience, development velocity, and more. They want to grow their number of teams while delivering value in parallel, faster and independently of each other. Thus, adopting to the microservices pattern is a prerequisite to agile and DevOps transformation. The speakers had an opportunity to travel on similar journey and this talk is summary of their learnings for decomposing monolithic applications to Cloud Native applications.

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Presented by: Jeremy Clark @jeremybytes

Thu, Jun 18 18:30

There's a lot of confusion about async/await, Task/TPL, and asynchronous and parallel programming in general. So let's start with the basics and look at how we can consume asynchronous methods using Task and then see how the "await" operator can makes things easier for us. Along the way, we’ll look at continuations, cancellation, and exception handling.

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Presented by: Tony Cardella

Thu, Mar 12 18:30

Interested in writing C# and running it on the Raspberry Pi? Come join us as we discuss how to go about bridging the gap between one of the leading programming languages and the leading IOT single-board computers.

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Presented by: Garo Yeriazarian

Thu, Feb 13 18:30

You’ve drunk the sugary fruity beverage and have begun your journey into cloud-native serverless architectures. This new landscape is full of new and exciting languages like Go, Rust, and JavaScript (ok, not all “new” and “exciting”), which are designed from the ground up to make serverless computing easy as Python. However, many organizations have made heavy investments in learning C# and building code that runs on .NET. Fresh off the Internet, .NET Core 3.1 has the capabilities to enable your teams to apply their highly marketable C# skillset and apply it to quickly and effectively build serverless applications on top of AWS Lambda and Azure Functions. In this talk, we’ll walk through porting an existing application as vertically sliced AWS Lambda functions, leveraging the new features in .NET Core 3.1 and the AWS SDK. This talk is for those who are interested in adapting to the modern demands of cloud-based applications, but could use some assurances that everything will work out in the end. (Spoiler alert: you win.)

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Presented by: J Sawyer

Thu, Jan 9 18:30

In this session, we’ll start with talking about dependency injection – what it is and why you’d want to use it for your projects. From there, we’ll quickly move into using DI in ASP.NET Core projects, looking at how ASP.NET Core itself leverages dependency injection for core functionality. Beyond that, we’ll dig into how you can (and should) use it in your applications to make them flexible and highly testable, including a couple of tips and tricks.

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