Houston .NET Users Group

To explore, examine, develop and advance applications and services built with the .Net Development platform. Effectively aiding the widespread learning and sharing of the .Net Development Platform in the Houston Technology Marketplace with our members, who are both individuals and corporations.

Presented by: Razi Syed

Thu, Apr 15 18:30

Tired of messing with SSRS? Wish there was an easier way to design and embed reports? Can the users do their own damn reports already! Well say hello to dotnet report. In this session we'll start from a blank project and we'll add ad hoc reporting using dotnet report and by connecting to a local sql database, learning how to leverage this front end open source solution to easily embed a robust and feature rich reporting solution with minimal efforts. We'll also cover how to embed it in an existing solution and discuss the architecture.


Presented by: Mark Reynolds

Thu, Feb 25 18:30

An incremental improvement or a step change? Just when you though it couldn't get any better, C# v9 arrives bringing new features to Visual Studio. Each of these will be demonstrated in a practical example.


Presented by: Hussain Abbasi

Thu, Jan 21 18:30

Xamarin.Forms 5 has landed. It has a slew of new controls and enhancements. But, what happened to my experimental controls? Worry not, let's talk. And what's all this talk about MAUI?


Presented by: Alex Yakunin

Thu, Dec 10 18:30

Alex Yakunin will talk about the fundamental connection between all these problems and show how a relatively simple abstraction can help to address all of them together.


Presented by: Germán Küber

Thu, Nov 12 18:30

In this talk, I will be talking about OOP, I will try to show you the difference between the code that seems to be Object Oriented and the code that is Object Oriented.


Presented by: Matthew Groves

Thu, Oct 15 18:30

If you’re thinking about using a document database, it can be intimidating to start. A flexible data model gives you a lot of choices, but which way is the right way? Is a document database even the right tool? In this session we’ll go over the basics of data modeling using JSON. We’ll compare and contrast with traditional RDBMS modeling. Impact on application code will be discussed, as well as some tooling that could be helpful along the way. The examples use the free, open-source Couchbase Server document database, but the principles from this session can also be applied to CosmosDb, Mongo, RavenDb, etc.