Architecture in C#: A Five Act Tragedy

April 09, 2015

  • Peter Seale

~ involving abstractions, extensibility, and the steady descent into madness ~ Hello! In this talk, I hope to get us all thinking about architecture. To do so, we’ll take a look at an app that already works. (Full source available at ) We’ll then look at the same app with an extra layer of abstraction and discuss what we like and don't like. We'll continue applying abstractions until everyone agrees we’ve gone too far -- and after we've gone too far, we'll go further. Acts in this tragedy: * methods & objects * layers, DDD & CQRS * configuration & extensibility * DSLs and/or metaprogramming Ideally, everyone who attends this talk will come away with a better understanding of how to harness the power of simple architecture, while jettisoning the garbage. At worst, we’ll have a rowdy good time arguing about code.

About Peter Seale

Peter Seale is a software developer who enjoys teaching, hosting open community discussions about how to build software, and rabble-rousing. He works for Improving Enterprises ( http:// ), and may be found on twitter at @pseale ( ) where he is a monster follow.

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