The Life Of A Web API Request

May 14, 2015

  • Stephen Fulcher

In this talk we will take a fun roller-coaster ride through the Web API pipeline to see exactly what happens over the lifetime of a request and response. We will start at the IIS entry point and explore the ASP.NET runtime events, the key modules, synchronous and asynchronous threading behavior, the request handler, the request and response streams, extensibility points and a few best practices along the way.

About Stephen Fulcher

Stephen Fulcher is a serial entrepreneur focused on delivering technology products and services that transform businesses. After working with Microsoft as a Principal Engineer and Regional Director, he founded Crocodile Software to bring game-changing technology and services to businesses large and small. Along the way, he has been a speaker at numerous technology conferences, developer meetings and product launches. He currently works with Crocodile team members and customers to drive innovation that delivers strategic business value.

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