Tools of the Trade: Closing the Loop in .NET Development

August 13, 2015

  • Garabed Yeriazarian

In our .NET software development environment, we have quite a few systems and tools in place to help us to keep track of all the code slinging about, the work items and the sporadic (or frequent) issues. To maintain sanity, we need a few key systems: 1) Dependency Management 2) Source Control 3) Issue Tracking 4) Build 5) Testing In these systems, we have an established interconnection and a process for effectively using these three things together to improve productivity for product owners, developers, QA, and users. In this talk, I will demonstrate how we use these systems in our work environment and walk through the lifecycle of a work item. The specific technologies I will focus on are: NuGet, Subversion, JIRA, TeamCity, NUnit. You too can achieve developer bliss from having a well-oiled DevOps ecosystem that will make you all look good and feel good.

About Garabed Yeriazarian

Garabed “Garo” Yeriazarian is software engineering manager for Intelligent Production Systems at Baker Hughes in Houston, TX. In his 12 years with the company, he has been slinging code, setting up development environments, configuring systems, introducing new technologies, learning a whole bunch of random stuff, wrestling with IT departments, and trying to make it easier for customers to get dinosaur juice out of the ground.

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