The New ASP.NET 5 Runtime

January 14, 2016

  • Stephen Fulcher

This session is an adventure in the new ASP.NET 5 runtime. We will dissect the new platform, starting with an inspection of the .NET Core 5 and the cross-platform .NET Execution Environment (DNX). After exploring installation, binaries, internals and types, we'll look at how this new platform fits into Visual Studio 2015 and how it is integrated with the IIS architecture to form a new request runtime for ASP.NET 5 applications. We’ll finish up by examining the request lifecycle in the new and unified MVC 6 for UI and Web API.

About Stephen Fulcher

Stephen Fulcher is a serial entrepreneur focused on delivering technology products and services that transform business strategies. After working with Microsoft as a Principal Engineer and Regional Director, Stephen founded Crocodile Digital to bring game-changing technology to businesses. Along the way, he has been a speaker at numerous technology conferences, developer meetings and product launches.

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