Hacking Cortana

July 14, 2016

  • Scott Peterson, MCSD, MCPSB, MCT

With the advent of machine learning, speech and voice integration, and language understanding and intelligence, Cortana has become Microsoft’s “face” for personal assistant integration. This session will walk through documented, undocumented (and even slightly crazy) ways developers can choose, use, and abuse Cortana to create apps and services that love to hear “Ask me anything”.

About Scott Peterson, MCSD, MCPSB, MCT

Scott J. Peterson, Chief Solution Architect and Developer of Liquid Daffodil is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and Trainer, and has been developing software for Microsoft platforms (starting with Windows 2.0) in 1989 with the “Thunder” BETA of Visual Basic. Scott and his wife Amy reside in Richmond, Texas, and are parents of 10 children. ABOUT LIQUID DAFFODIL: Formally established in 2010, Liquid Daffodil is a Microsoft Partner and provider of Microsoft Enterprise Solutions for both Business and Consumer audiences throughout the world. Although Liquid Daffodil primarily develops compliance and records management solutions for medium to large organizations within the Gas & Oil sectors, (developing solutions for companies such as COMPAQ, Continental Airlines, Exxon, Shell, Halliburton, Microsoft, and MSN Canada) they are also one of the earliest, most recognized, and highest rated creators of some of the most popular paid apps in the Windows Store(s), starting with Outsider for Windows Phone 7 (one of the first 3rd party apps to near the one-million download mark) and continuing through today with Bandsider (currently the Top Paid app in the U.S. Store), fanband (currently the #2 app under Bandsider in Health & Fitness in the U.S. Store), and Cortanium which remains in the Top 20 Paid downloads in most English speaking regions worldwide. To date, Liquid Daffodil has had 14 apps reach the #1 spot in numerous categories, including Social, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, and Business. Liquid Daffodil continues to be the most experienced and successful developer of Microsoft Band-integrated solutions in the world.

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