Code Reviews

March 09, 2017

  • Jane Prusakova

Code reviews often become the Hunger Games of software development process. Long hours of code shaming and humiliation, never-ending dogma wars, temperature-raising tension on the team. Yet, code reviews can be productive, fun, and a powerful tool to improve the developer community. Regularly reviewing other people’s code is a great way to increase code ownership, develop a common code style, and share coding knowledge across the team. In this session we’ll learn how to set up effective and kind code reviews. Talk about preparation and follow up that would allow us to capture the most benefits. We will also consider how to ensure that the code review is helping to build and empower the team, not destroy it.

About Jane Prusakova

Jane is a software architect and developer, an Agile proponent, and a great believer in building valuable software that users love to use. She builds large back-end systems that require high-performance and high-reliability, and process vast amounts of data. Jane believes that successful software is created by strong teams, requires good engineering practices, and evolves in close collaboration with the users. As a Principal Consultant for Improving Enterprises, Jane works with distributed teams on distributed software. As a member of a consulting team, Jane is focused on technical excellence, close contact with the client, and rapid iterations.

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