Exploring the ASP.NET Core Runtime Components

April 13, 2017

  • Stephen Fulcher

Let's explore ASP.NET Core! In this session, we'll go through the request lifecycle in the ASP.NET Core runtime, focusing on the key runtime and extensibility types that control request behavior. We will look in some detail at the Middleware architecture. We will learn about how Middleware components work, and check out the built-in Middleware components. We’ll investigate how to set them up, leverage them in our apps, and build our own.

About Stephen Fulcher

Stephen is an entrepreneur -- passionate about creating and investing in technology products and services that transform business. After working at Microsoft through the .NET launch days, he has been instrumental in a small collection of technology startups. He is currently CEO at Crocodile Digital Corporation. Crocodile Digital specializes in business application development on .NET and open source platforms, with additional capabilities in mobile app development and agency services for online marketing. He also has a role on the leadership teams at other product-focused startups in the healthcare and online marketing sectors. Over the course of the .NET era, he has developed a personal interest and expertise in the runtimes of the .NET web stacks.

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