TDD By Example

May 11, 2017

  • Eric Burcham and Devlin Liles

Enough Hullabaloo about TDD. Come watch as we build a simple application from zero code. One of us has an idea what to build, the other is coming in completely cold. We'll struggle through the whole thing right in front of your eyes, demonstrating how we use tests to drive the implementation. We'll also cover the basics of TDD in a few quick slides at the beginning of the presentation, and take any questions you might have.

About Eric Burcham and Devlin Liles

About Eric : I like finding better ways to do things or to help people out. "Good enough" never feels like "good enough." About Devlin : As President of Consulting of Improving Enterprises Houston, Devlin Liles assists in leading the technology strategy and direction for the business as well as all aspects of consultant engagement.

About the sponsor: Genuent

OUR PHILOSOPHY Genuent believes in straightforward principles and approaches. Our beliefs help us define our customer’s problems and create clear, effective solutions. We stay focused on the Information Technology space to ensure that our efforts are relevant to you and your mission. A part of our core values come from learning about our client, asking questions, understanding the client needs and determining the best solution to exceed expectations. We take pride in having long-term client relationships, allowing our team to join the conversation and provide fresh views to achieve new goals. In conjunction with working side by side with our clients, Genuent continues to seek knowledge and invest in developing our own staff and Consultants. As a team we value growing our efforts and streamlining our processes to provide effective solutions to our clients. OUR VISION Genuent is a national expert in delivering Talent and resource solutions, producing a partnership between our Consultants and clients, which help them solve complex technology and business challenges.