Lost Art of Good Object Design

August 10, 2017

  • Devlin Liles

If you look at the greats ( Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Wayne Gretzky, Tom Brady, Pele ) in their prime, they all share one big trait. It is the same with great developers. They are brilliant at the fundamentals, and we have lost some of that as an industry. In this talk we are going to re-start the art of good design. We will tear into a big problem, with hairy corners, and lots of design pitfalls. We will then apply some of those fundamentals, and see what happens. Bring your laptop if you would like to go through the code with me while we explore how easy good code can be.

About Devlin Liles

As Vice President of Consulting of Improving Enterprises Houston, Devlin Liles assists in leading the technology strategy and direction for the business as well as all aspects of consultant engagement. In an industry that is constantly innovating, Devlin believes as a passionate technologist it is his responsibility to maintain the cutting edge on his clients’ behalf. He prides himself on staying a generalist, but his passion in development is data and its interactions. Devlin has an entrepreneurial mindset and has been a key contributor to growth and success of the Houston office being one of the founding employees in 2011. Since 2007, he has been presenting and teaching classes on software development practices and tools to audiences around the nation including user groups, conferences, and community events. Liles holds the prestigious Microsoft MVP Award for the past 6 years which is only awarded to 3,000 technologists’ annually. He became published along with his good friend Tim Rayburn as authors of Entity Framework 4.1 Experts Cookbook. When he is not in front of a crowd or behind a computer Devlin is an avid soccer player and hobbyist gamer.