Code Review: I mean no harm!

October 12, 2017

  • Claudio Lassala

As part of the work I’ve been doing for many years, I get to do a lot of code review. I usually document things that come up doing a code review so I can share it with other developers in the teams. In this session, I share some of the code I’ve looked at, the reasons why the code raised yellow or red flags in my head, and possible solutions I’ve proposed.

About Claudio Lassala

Claudio is a Principal Consultant at Improving Houston. He has been developing software for 25+ years. When not building software, consulting with clients, doing presentations, delivering training, or hanging out with his family, he can probably be found working on his music. Check out his blog at Claudio can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook. When not writing code, Claudio is probably rocking out with his band, Descent Into Madness.

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