How Object Oriented is our Code?

November 12, 2020 18:30

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Every day we arrive to our work, we open the Visual Studio and we write code, code and more code. Often, we listen to what we have to write which is maintainable, extensible and bug free code. More often we are told that the good way of doing that is writing Object Oriented Code.

But, have you asked yourself, if your code follows the principles of Object Oriented Design? Have you asked yourself, if you can improve the quality of your code?

In this talk, I will be talking about OOP, I will try to show you the difference between the code that seems to be Object Oriented and the code that is Object Oriented.

I will wait for you to talk about the fantastic world of OOP.

About Germán Küber

  • More than 10 years working as a Back End developer (always focusing on the Microsoft ecosystem). More than 4 years working with FrontEnd technologies. Passionate about: C #, Angular, React, VueJs, TypeScript, JavaScript, Docker, Azure, DDD, OOP and Software Architecture. Organizer of the Net-Baires community. Microsoft Msp, Microsoft MVP.
  • Active member of the .NET and JavaScript community.
  • Event organizer and magician.
  • Speaker at national and international events.

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