Efficient caching, real-time updates, and low latency: why it's a package and how do I get one?

December 10, 2020 18:30

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Alex Yakunin will talk about the fundamental connection between all these problems and show how a relatively simple abstraction can help to address all of them together.

About Alex Yakunin

Alex is the creator of Fusion (https://github.com/servicetitan/Stl.Fusion) - an open-source library for .NET 5.0 and Blazor that implements this abstraction. He is also the CTO of ServiceTitan, Inc. (https://www.servicetitan.com/) - a company developing #1 Field Service Platform, which is also ranked #11 in Forbes Cloud. Previously Alex worked as Performance Engineer at Quora, Inc., where he co-authored quora/asynq (https://github.com/quora/asynq).

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