Serverless ASP.NET Core in AWS

June 10, 2021 18:30

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Featured Speaker: Garo Yeriazarian (
Modern cloud native applications are expected to scale out effortlessly as that well-timed Tweet (or TikTok video) results in a torrent of users hitting your trendy new service, can your application scale out and support the extra load at peak times while winding down during the lulls? With the latest changes in .NET 5 and the upcoming changes in .NET 6, C# is quickly becoming a major contender in highly performance cloud-native workloads. In this talk, we'll examine one strategy of combining a highly productive development framework ASP.NET Core with a serverless auto-scaling deployment model of AWS Lambda, go through the code, dive into the deployment, and talk about what works well and what could be better.

About Garo Yeriazarian:
Born and raised in the ever-expanding Greater Houston Area, Garo has been messing with software for at least 29 years, writing it for money for about 18 years, talking about it for maybe 22 years, and loving every clock cycle of it. He has worked as *the* Software Whisperer for Baker Hughes, leading software teams, conducting design reviews, and coaching people on how put the 0's and 1's in a close enough order to make things work. Now, he is a Principal Consultant (and Software Whisperer) at Headspring for the past two years, making silky smooth software for industrial companies, coaching junior developers in how not to cause major outages in their first weeks on the job, and bringing mirth and merriment everywhere he goes.

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