What's New in .NET

February 09, 2023 18:00

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Hosted by Improving, link and directions available below.

2023 HDNUG Board Election

We will be holding a board election for 2023. All positions are available! We are looking for people who are passionate about .NET and Houston to lead the Houston .NET User Group and keep it moving forward.

What's New in .NET

Any idea what a ref struct is? Did you know input switch { string { Length: >= 5 } s => s[..5] } is perfectly valid C# these days? The language has changed a lot, but it isn't all scary!

C# and .NET have gone through a lot of changes in recent years and it's easy to miss some recent developments, particularly for those of us still working in .NET Framework codebases. In this class we'll go over some of the big ones (such as records) as well as some lesser-known features you should probably start using. And a few you maybe shouldn't, just for fun.

Speaker: Joseph Hart

Joseph is a senior consultant for Improving. He has been developing software for a decade and specializes in web development using .NET and React. When not working, Joseph likes to engage in hobbies such a tabletop gaming with friends.